Cido Research is your trusted partner for data collection.  We can assist you with every aspect of research fieldwork, from design (programming and hosting) to delivery (creating tabs and banners).  For large projects or small, Cido Research has a solution.  Below are some areas we can help:

Customer Insights

What are your customers thinking? Cido can provide insights, using a number of methodologies, including online, face to face and phone. We can find the right methodology to find your target audience.

Business Insights

Cido specializes in B2B research.  We understand your business clients’ needs, and have the specialized staff on hand to deliver the data you require. Our team is expert at interviewing C-suite, executive and mid-level management in a variety of industries.

Niche Audiences

Sometimes you’re looking for a little “more than the average” consumer.  We specialize in niche and difficult to target audiences, including medical, IT and multicultural.

We have a number of proprietary online niche panels, as well as specialty phone sample.  Ask us about your niche audience needs to see how we can help.

New Collection Methods

Cido Research continuously strives to be an innovator in the field of market research data collection. We have a number of innovative and creative solutions designed to enhance the respondent experience while increasing the value of the information gathered.  Ask us for more information.