No matter what your focus, Cido Research can assist you in gathering the insights you need to make informed decisions.  Here are some of the sectors we operate in:

Multicultural Insights

Cido Research specializes in multicultural data collection.  Since 2009 Cido has been a pioneer in data collection methods including creation of the first on-line multicultural specific research panel.

Information Technology

We got our start in IT and continue to focus on this sector today.  We support our ITDM and BDM research through Commun-IT, our proprietary online panel that is telephone-verified at place of business.


Cido Research can assist with medical studies, big or small.  With access to both medical professionals and respondents with ailments via research panel and CATI, your study will benefit from our extensive reach in this sector.

Financial Services

Cido Research has a wealth of experience collecting data in the financial sector, both from a consumer and a commercial standpoint. Whether your objective is to measure current customer profiles or design products for new prospects, we can help.

Customer Satisfaction / NPS

Understanding your customers’ satisfaction is essential for the success of any company. We deliver CSAT/NPS programs for a number of leading enterprises in North America and globally.


Cido Research has an extensive background in automotive customer studies, both online and via phone.  We also have extensive profiling online for purchase intent and owner by brand / model.


How does the media perceive you and your brand?  Cido Research actively polls the opinions of leading online, print and broadcast media outlets, keeping you informed of your reputation amongst journalists.