Quality Assurance

Cido Research provides an all-encompassing Quality Assurance kit for capturing professional, peer and client responses that allows you to easily see how your members rank, quickly and easily and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Cido Research has years of experience managing the quality assurance process for professional colleges.  Cido Research manages all aspects of the process including:

- Questionnaire Design
– Assistance in creating measures of core competencies 
– Printing, Packaging and Distributing Kits to College Members
– Managing interaction with professionals, peers and clients
– Collecting Responses via Web and Direct Mail
– Report Generation and Tabulation


Measuring Core Competencies


Cido Research has been in business since 1994.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our process and data collection, as well as the expertise of our staff.  We have a long standing track record of supporting professional colleges with their quality assurance programs.

Cido Research manages all aspects of the quality assurance process, meaning your staff can spend time on other initiatives within the college improving quality, instead of measuring it.

We deal directly with printers, shippers and logistic partners so you don’t have to.  You have one point of contact throughout the entire process.


Quality Assurance Guide