New trends and innovation are exciting, and when partnered with the strength of a tried and trusted qualitative methodology, only great things can happen.

Cido is proud to announce the expansion of its qualitative research division. We now offer first-rate fieldwork coordination and full-service research solutions across the globe, giving us the competitive edge.

Our clients and trusted partners can rely on our dedicated team of experts to offer the highest level of full-service qualitative research to fit their individual needs.  Every piece of the puzzle is crucial, from target audience recruitment to the analysis of findings, resulting in high-level actionable results.

Qualitative research is emotional and rich, and provides valuable key insights. Our experienced team of research consultants has observed consumer behavior in every context by employing a multitude of methods. These methods are based on sciences such as sociology, anthropology and psychology. Whether it be one of the “classic” methods, such as focus groups or face-to-face in-depth interviews in a viewing facility or a more unique, tailor-based method, our background and understanding of the complexity and nuances related to these approaches is what sets us apart. It has also become increasingly popular to use online methods, such as telephone-to-web interviews and focus groups as well as online communities, in order to generate fast, accurate results while avoiding unnecessary travel time and costs. Our team of international project managers collaborate with our local research consultants to bridge the cultural and language gap, offering fast, high-level results, thus avoiding hundreds of pages of transcripts.

Qualitative research is essential to getting to the heart of consumer behavior. Ethnography offers the unique ability to observe a participant’s culture and behavior from their perspective and in a personal setting. Whether it be at home, at work or enjoying an activity outside the home, exploring the participant’s culture and surrounding can be key to understanding their behavior. Time and again, what they do is not always what they say they do.

Our services are not limited to any sector or target audience and our team of director-level researchers is flexible, reliable and able to adapt to the objectives of your study. Our consultants and moderators have a treasure trove of pre-task diaries, journals and assignments at their fingertips and employ a spectrum of projective techniques to not only observe a participant’s behavior, but to better understand its context and their interaction with any given brand.

If you would like to learn more about Cido Research, or if you would like to discuss your needs in more detail, please feel free to contact Cher Chislett, our director of customer relations, at cher.chislett@cidoresearch.com

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