With call centers in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Macedonia, Hong Kong and Vietnam, we have 600+ seats around the world, anchored by a deeply experienced interviewing and supervisory staff.

These centers cover most major countries with native language speakers, and our in-house CATI capabilities are further augmented by select approved partners in other areas of the world that we don’t cover ourselves.

Cido Research fields U.S. CATI projects in a TCPA compliant manner

The FCC’s ruling of July 10. 2015 brought further clarity to the TCPA and TCPA compliance, thus placing further restrictions on how businesses can call consumer respondents, and in particular mobile phone numbers. Cido Research has put in place the necessary practices and equipment to ensure we can field CATI projects with U.S. mobile telephone numbers in a manner compliant with the provisions of the Ruling. For more information, contact us today! We will answer any questions you may have directly, giving you confidence that your study will be fielded with the highest standards and will meet all requirements for TCPA compliance.

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Thorough and consistent training programs ensure top-notch interviewing techniques and continuous improvement, and are complemented by blind audits of recorded interviews.

Our centralized software platform allows data collection to carry on 24/7, and real-time reporting via one portal is available.

Our integrated technologies allow respondents to participate in the manner they prefer – online, phone or IVR – and give us the ability to truly integrate multi-mode projects, locally or globally.