IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a straightforward and cost-effective way to conduct surveys amongst a large audience in a fraction of the time.

Cido offers flexible and scalable IVR solutions for the following processes:

- Broadcast messaging to your customers
– Election surveys and outreach to voters
– Telephone surveys
- Tobacco cessation program outreach
– Outbound customer satisfaction surveys
- Caller verification
– Focus group recruiting

Live Agents Required
Stop Shop
Hours a Day Dialing
Days a Week Operation



Our IVR setup can help you achieve your desired call outcome.  Here are some key features:

- Scalable number of outbound phone lines
- Full survey programming and recording of voice script is available
- Software can re-route to a live agent based on the call outcome 
– Assign and monitor quotas
- Record and process open end responses for coding
– Data is processed and returned in SPSS, excel or an additional format of choice

Tap into the diversity and accuracy of a CATI study without the associated cost.  There are no live agents required to dial.  Allows you to save on staffing and management costs.

Run your study when and where you want.  Run multiple studies simultaneously and in different languages.  Run studies in different parts of the country as well.   Great for polling, incidence checks and satisfaction studies.

Tap into a much wider audience.   This methodology allows you to gain direct access to smaller communities, under-represented demographics and cell phone only households.

Our IVR solution is a one stop shop, meaning we can provide programming, sample, voice recordings and management of your overall project.    An IVR study can also run side by side with additional sampling methods, allowing for multi-mode data collection.